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The term webinar is a neologism, short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web, specifically a portmanteau of web & seminar, to describe a specific type of web conference. Some argue that webinars might be one-way, from the speaker to the audience with limited audience interaction, so one-way broadcasts are perhaps more accurately called webcasts. Webinars themselves may be more collaborative and include polling and question & answer sessions to allow full participation between the audience and the presenter. In some cases, the presenter may speak over a standard telephone line, while pointing out information being presented onscreen, and the audience can respond over their own telephones, speaker phones allowing the greatest comfort and convenience. There are web conferencing technologies on the market that have incorporated the use of VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) audio technology, to allow for a completely web-based communication. Depending upon the provider, webinars may provide hidden or anonymous participant functionality, making participants unaware of other participants in the same meeting.

Other typical features of a web conference include:

Slide show presentations - where images are presented to the audience and markup tools and a remote mouse pointer are used to engage the audience while the presenter discusses slide content.
Live or Streaming video - where full motion webcam, digital video camera or multi-media files are pushed to the audience.
VoIP (Real time audio communication through the computer via use of headphones and speakers)
Web tours - where URLs, data from forms, cookies, scripts and session data can be pushed to other participants enabling them to be pushed though web based logons, clicks, etc. This type of feature works well when demonstrating websites where users themselves can also participate.
Meeting Recording - where presentation activity is recorded on the client side or server side for later viewing and/or distribution.
Whiteboard with annotation (allowing the presenter and/or attendees to highlight or mark items on the slide presentation. Or, simply make notes on a blank whiteboard.)
Text chat - For live question and answer sessions, limited to the people connected to the meeting. Text chat may be public (echo'ed to all participants) or private (between 2 participants).
Polls and surveys (allows the presenter to conduct questions with multiple choice answers directed to the audience)
Screen sharing/desktop sharing/application sharing (where participants can view anything the presenter currently has shown on their screen. Some screen sharing applications allow for remote desktop control, allowing participants to manipulate the presenters screen, although this is not widely used.)

The calendar joined below represents the list of the webinars which will be spread this autumn 2013 via e-learning in synchronous way. This calendar is subject to changes.


Step-by-step to export An Introduction to International Marketing Research Linking In to Global Value Chains
Introduction to International Marketing Government Trade Services Introduction to International Trade Finance
How Canadian exporters are adapting to a strong canadian dollar An Introduction to the Cultural Aspects of International Trade The guide to achieve your commercial global strategy
Global Supply Chain Management Introduction to International Marketing and Trade Importing Into Canada
Winning Trade Show Strategies Introduction to International Trade Better your cash flow factoring international receivables

The benefits of training and webinars:

Retrieve the time you spend as you move to attend meetings and meetings with colleagues, customers and partners to focus on productive tasks.
Reach your goals faster growth by shortening decision cycles.
Accelerate business process each of your company, from design to sales.
Provide your employees with effective tools tele so they can interact quickly and effectively with colleagues, partners and customers in real time regardless of the distance that separates them.
Savings in travel time decrease your operating costs while improving productivity and employee efficiency.
Save on costs associated with travel expenses, car, gas, parking, hotel, restaurant, and others.
Improve performance of your employees by giving them access to training delivered by experts.
Train your employees more regularly, your partners and customers by offering more programs.
Increase the participation rate of your training with ease of access.
Make your training more dynamic.
Standardize your training.
• Through the review mode, your courses are available at all times.

For more information about webinars, you can contact:

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