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  • Finding customers and markets abroad
  • The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)
  • Trade shows
  • Market and country research databases
  • Finding customers in the United States
  • Financing your exports
  • Market development support
  • Financing your contracts
  • Financing your foreign investments
  • Foreign buyer financing

Exporters have to deal with difficult problems every day, but two of these challenges can be especially daunting for smaller companies. First, how do you find reliable customers in distant and often very unfamiliar markets? Second, how do you obtain the cash you need to enter a foreign market, to secure orders in it and to finance enough production to fill those orders?

These problems are as old as international trade itself – ancient clay tablets reveal that the businessmen of Babylon were worrying about them more than three thousand years ago. Fortunately, Canadian exporters of the early 21st century enjoy much better government support than the Babylonian traders did, and there are many federal and provincial programs that will help you find both customers and cash.

This guide will introduce you to these programs and tell you how you can use them to your best advantage.

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