FITT Going Global Series have proven beneficial results to export service providers, educational institutions, industry associations and private companies. Any one pursuing success in the global scene should know the basics of international trade practices and this is what these 7 highly-relevant workshops propose:

1) FITT Going Global Series: An Introduction to International Trade.
This workshop is designed to help you make that crucial exporting decision to start you off on your journey towards foreign markets while learning about the common pitfalls to be avoided. Learn the basics of international trade, understand the use of Incoterms, determine whether you should pursue international markets and gain the knowledge required to position your company to be a success in these markets. This workshop provides an overview of the key aspects of international trade and will also include the use a real-life case study.

Workshop Objectives:
- Develop an international business plan applying the information acquired through this workshop.
- Evaluate a company's overall business strategy to enhance its competitiveness in the global marketplace.
- Access relevant and current online information for the business using the web sites recommended throughout this workshop.

2) FITT Going Global Series: An Introduction to International Market Research.
The success of a new trade opportunity is greatly enhanced by conducting thorough market research. Successfully entering foreign markets is only possible if they are carefully researched beforehand and if promising business opportunities are identified and analyzed. Sound business decisions are based on data, intelligence and information, and planned, organized and targeted research is the key to obtaining them. Such research is part of the foundation of your export business plan and will also form the basis of your marketing assumptions and estimations. This workshop will provide you with the basic tools required to perform international trade research including: a discussion of the various areas of research required for the export plan; the types of research used (primary and secondary research) as well as when and how it is appropriate to use them. The workshop will also include the use of a case study to demonstrate how marketing research is applied in a real-world situation.

Workshop Objectives:
- Develop a company's international market research plan in a way that makes the firm a more effective and successful international trader.
- Demonstrate how to conduct international market research to penetrate foreign markets by applying the information from this workshop.

3) FITT Going Global Series: An Introduction to International Marketing.
This workshop will introduce you to the role of marketing in the pursuit of international business opportunities. Learn the potential challenges and the various factors that could affect a successful outcome. You will be provided with the basic knowledge and skills to develop an international marketing plan - based on the International Marketing Plan Template presented at the end of this workshop. A real life case study is included to demonstrate how international marketing is applied in a real-world situation.

Workshop Objectives:
- Design a successful international marketing strategy for a company’s products or services using the information from this workshop.
- Develop an international marketing plan applying the global marketing information from this workshop.
- Access current online information relevant to a business by using the web sites recommended throughout this workshop.

4) FITT Going Global Series: Introduction to International Trade Finance.
This workshop is designed to help make it easier for you to get the financing that you need to take your business global. You will be introduced to the various types of export financing, risk assessment and mitigation techniques, to impress upon you the importance of diversifying your sources of financing, and to provide you with tips on how to prepare and to present that winning financing proposal. A case study, which illustrates export costing, will also be discussed.

Workshop Objectives:
- Evaluate how a company's financial strategy can best secure international trade financing in support of business abroad.
- Develop an international trade finance plan by applying the information from this workshop.
- Access current online information relevant to a business by using the web sites recommended throughout this workshop.

5) FITT Going Global Series: An Introduction to the Cultural Aspects of International Trade.
Our cultural views are in large part influenced by our environment. The ability to communicate, socialize, negotiate and manage relationships in different cultural environments is essential to successful global business operations. Multicultural effectiveness is primarily a function of knowledge, and with knowledge comes the ability to understand and be sensitive to different cultural perceptions and beliefs. This workshop will provide participants with the basis to understand the cultural aspects on international trade, the challenges of intercultural effectiveness and suggest strategies to assist in overcoming cultural obstacles.

Workshop Objectives:
- Create awareness on how differing cultural dimensions affect business operations in the global marketplace.
- Foster understanding of the complexities faced by business negotiators in global markets and the important role that relationship building plays in global business negotiations.
- Identify personal characteristics that must be developed for an individual to be effective in different cultural environment.
- Provide current and relevant online information to businesses through web sites recommended throughout this workshop.

6) FITT Going Global Series: Global Supply Chain Management.
Although goods must travel extensive distances and cross a number of international borders, companies must effectively manage their supply chains to ensure their products are meeting projected demands cost-effectively. This workshop will introduce you to the benefits associated with managing a global supply chain and give sufficient guidance for a company’s first attempts to move into international trade.

Workshop Objectives:
- Identify the stages of a global supply chain
- Develop a well-planned supply chain management strategy to enhance your company’s competitiveness
- Define the standard trade terminology used in international transactions
- Identify the main types of documentation used in international trade transactions
- Manage production, inventory, delivery, and returns efficiently to meet international demands and to reduce your company’s risks
- Select methods to enhance supply chain performance and efficiency

7) FITT Going Global Series: Importing Into Canada.
Importing into Canada gives companies of every size the possibility of developing an enhanced market presence in Canada and becoming more profitable. Investigating the possibilities associated with importing into Canada? Making those first attempts to move into international trade? This workshop will guide first time importers through the importing steps from essential legal aspects to the challenges associated with dealing with international suppliers and transportation to clearing your goods through Canada Customs.

Workshop Objectives:
- Set up an importing company.
- Find and assess suppliers of goods you wish to import.
- Organize paperwork and understand regulations for importing into Canada.
- Work with importing partners and government organizations.

Treaching tools and online platform:
To support the content of the webinars ITTC offers:
• Concrete language, reflecting the reality of SMEs (case studies).
• Multimedia online tools.
• Access to several trainers and speakers (multiple views).
• Videos as a supporting teaching tool.
• A platform very easy to train in real time with maximum interaction.
• Excellent Broadcast (IP Voice)
• Reduction of direct / indirect costs of training
• Various training materials, documents and online publications.
• Each workshop includes a specific manual which will be mailed to you


What others are saying…

• 92% found the workshops to be relevant, or provide excellent relevance in terms of their needs and interests
• 94% indicated that the ideas, concepts, methods and knowledge were highly applicable
• 95% noted that the workshop content significantly met their expectations
• 71% would recommend the workshops to other colleagues

Your main trainer, Mr.Dechene has been working internationally since 1984. He was a coffee trader to begin with and he has now worked for over twenty five years to promote exports, association management and development of the business of trading. He is recognized trainer and consultant in Canada, Latin America and Africa on many international trade aspects (export, trading, marketing and financing), in association management, strategic planning and web marketing strategies. Mr. Dechene has developed several training programs (public, private and academic) and published extensively on these subjects. He has trained several trainers from trade promotion agencies and educational institutions in Canada and abroad. He is a trainer certified by Emploi-Québec and a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) by FITT.

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